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Whats there to say that hasn't already been said through pictures...

I am not a fan of talking but i have read to look like a professional photographer or in my cause someone just trying to be ok at it that you need an "About You" page on your website.  So without further ado prepare to be WOWWY WOW WOWWED.

Did zero traveling until my first internship in college then it was off to Alaska and then Nevada the following year.  Did more traveling interviewing for jobs after college than I have done so far in my life.  Choose to make Canada awesome and moved up here!  Bounced around a few spots now seem to have a solid foothold in Edmonton.

Photography wasn't even on my radar.  Sure I had a little point and shoot (before camera phones were useful at all) and I would take some photos here and there.  I would even take it one step further and actually put them into iphoto and not just store them on endless cards.  Then a friend of mine lets call him Ken started talking to me about photography.  So basically he got me interested in it.  I held out buying a camera for a long time.  He let me use one of his older ones on my first "dedicated photo trip" and shortly after that I was buying a new camera just like his.  

Started following photographers like Trey Ratcliff and Colby Brown.  Found out Colby did workshops to Iceland so boom there is where I headed.  Enjoyed traveling with like minded "photographical" people so decided to do more workshops.  Norway was next and Stian Klo was the guy to know in that neck of the woods. Then came The Faroe Islands, Venice Italy, The Dolomites, and Iceland on my own a couple times.  I'm not a fan of traveling alone so it would be nice to find someone to travel with.

I had always been interested in lighting and portrait work just wasn't a main push early on.  I quickly discovered I can't travel all the time at least not on my salary if I planned to keep that salary.  So portrait work has become more of an interest now as I realize I could do that a lot more of it closer to home. Little did I know the portrait side of my "hobby" would become my primary focus right now. I have met a lot of really cool people and recently I have met a couple of people that I love being around so it was the best decision I have made.

I don't plan to become world famous like the photographers I follow.  My only goal is to maybe make a few bucks to help continue the never ending funding I need to do to keep this hobby of mine going and enjoy time with the people I have met and will continue to meet.  Having said that I always wanted a logo so boom (update I am on my second logo now, hope you like it) I had one designed and I always wanted my own website.

Let the pictures begin...