Christopher Antonioli Photography


The ‘Dolomites’, or ‘Dolomiti’ in Italian, are also known as the ‘Dolomite Mountains’ and ‘Pale Mountains’, the latter translated from the Italian term ‘Monti Pallidi’

The Dolomites cover an area totaling 1,419 square kilometres (548 square miles) and includes nine mountain ranges.

The Dolomites area was a battlefield during the course of World War I, with fighting going on between Austro-Hungary and Italy; and evidence of the war can still be seen in the region.

I do not remember there being a straight road at all in the area.  In summer time try to rent a Lambo at least!

I walked a lot here.  Like a lot!  I also ate a lot! (probably 10 times more than what would be considered "a lot").  No weight gain though which was a miracle!

Lets face it this is Italy, they know how to do food here.  I had a risotto that I still dream about to this day and while every pizza can't be the best I would say out of 6 I ate 3 were incredible, 2 were awesome, and 1 was just ok.  

I had my very first espresso here.  Well I think it was an expresso.  The guy running the place thought I would be having one and one came to the table.  It was small so I knocked it back.  It wasn't terrible but I didn't really see the point of it either.