Christopher Antonioli Photography

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are one of very few countries in Europe to have no McDonalds outlets.

There are three traffic lights on the Faroe Islands.

Streymin bridge is the only bridge over the Atlantic Ocean in the world, connecting the island Streymoy to Eysturoy.

On the islands, you are never more than 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the ocean.

I would say half of the roads there are only single lane.  Now that is my kind of traffic!  

They have a bunch of tunnels just like Iceland.  I saw no tunnel boring machines though which was a bummer.  I don't think they used them here.

The people are known as Faroese but I am like 99.9% sure they would prefer to be known as Farocians!

Saw 4 different people in the airport at 7am when I flew out drinking beer.  Rock on Farocians!

I had two pizzas there.  They were actually really good.  Likely in the top 5 or just outside the top 5 on the Chris Scale.